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Role of Smartphone Apps Once the presentation have been moved to your phone, role of smart phone apps comes into action.

How to insert GIFs in PowerPoint

Rehearsing slide show timings Rehearsing timings can be useful if you want to set up a presentation to play at a certain speed without having to click through the slides to present it. You are provided with the control over the length of time to display every slide an also add video clips as well as text captions.

If you've never presented a slide show, you may want to review our lesson on Presenting Your Slide Show to become familiar with the basics. It is also compatible with smartphones and with other viewing devices. Laser Pointer, Pen, Highlighter, or Eraser - to use the pointer, ink, eraser, or highlighter tools in your recording.

Clearing timing on all slides Sharing presentation options PowerPoint offers several options to enhance or even totally change the way you deliver presentations.

Clear Timing on Current Slide - to delete timings on the current slide. The students and me were happy with the results.

Using Smartphones for Slideshow Presentation

When you reach the end of the show, a dialog box will appear with the total time of your presentation. In Android or iPhone for example you can transfer it to your phone via USB, or through wireless bluetooth connection or transfer it your email address and then download the same into your mobile with the help of a web server.

Again, mobile device can help you deal with this situation. This particular application offers you a lot of input as well as output options along with tools to upload music, include video clips and add clip art to your slideshow. Clear Timings on All Slides - to delete timings from all slides at once.

Recording options Click Start Recording. The slideshows are specially made for smartphone or tablet, or you can also even make an HD-formatted DVD. SmartSHOW Deluxe It provides various tools to add special effects as it comes with transitions from which you can choose, and you can also add animation overlays over the photos.

In order to help you decide, we have compiled a list of top 10 best slideshow software of which will certainly help you a lot in your quest to choose the right one.

If you have a microphone for your computer, you can even record voiceover narration for the entire presentation.

You just need to attach your presentation with the speaker of phone thereby presenting with appropriate sound effects.

This is useful if you plan on using your slide show for a self-running presentation or a video. Start Recording from Current Slide - to record from a specific slide.

How to Record Screen in PowerPoint 2016

Choose from two options: Slides with narration To point out details during your recording, press and hold the Ctrl key and the left mouse button. The finished video uploaded to YouTube Presenting your slide show online Presenting a slide show online is surprisingly easy. Remember, you can only record narration if you have a microphone attached to your computer.

Although, you may not be in a habit of creating a presentation on your smart phone device, still it is very important to include these apps into your device as there may be an urgent need to make quick updates into a presentation. A lot of transitions are made available in HD quality.

You'll be taken to a full-screen view of your presentation. If you need more than one try to get the timings just right, the Recording toolbar has options to let you take a break or start over on a slide.

Fortunately, PowerPoint offers tools to help ensure your presentation goes smoothly. To do this, simply go to the Slide Show tab, click the Record Slide Show drop-down arrow, hover over Clear, then choose the desired option from the menu.

There is apparently no limit to numbers of photos that you wish to add in each of your slideshows, and there are over transition effects which are available to you. You can easily add video clips, music, clip art and voice recordings. Selecting a video size and quality Select the drop-down arrow next to Use Recorded Timings and Narrations.

This can be done by connecting your system through a wireless blue tooth connection. In Blackberry devices an similar approach can be followed. If you change your mind about including slide timings or narration, you can easily remove one or both.

Learning how to record your computer screen is easier than you might think, with a host of apps ready and willing to help you do it.

Smartphones and how they can record for you. PowerPoint. Here is a step-by-step guide to adding voice over to PowerPoint slides (these steps and the video are based on PowerPoint ).

1. Equipment – When setting up for your voice-over in PowerPoint, make sure you have the right equipment and it's set up. You'll need a microphone to record your voice and a working sound-card or integrated audio (which you should always have anyway).

In the Record Slide Show box, check or clear the boxes for your recording, and click Start Recording. More about these options: Slide and animation timings: PowerPoint automatically records the time you spend on each slide, including any animation steps that occur, and the use of any triggers on each slide.

With high-resolution cameras and the advanced cameras on smartphones, capturing high-quality images is no problem. However, those photos may be much too large for the slides in your next PowerPoint presentation. If you have a large number of images to include in PowerPoint, you can speed up the process of resizing them without.

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Jan 09,  · Here is a quick tip on how to record screen in PowerPoint and insert the recorded content to your slides in PowerPoint. Screen Recording Functionality in PowerPoint Screen record and screen share features can make your presentations really stand out, since this is one feature that not all slideshow apps have.

With 5/5(1). Recording your slide show. The Record Slide Show feature is similar to the Rehearse Timings feature, but it's a bit more you have a microphone for your computer, you can record voiceover narration for the entire presentation.

This is useful if you plan to use your slide show as a self-running presentation or video.

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