Marketing plan for gardenia bread industries

The following are the products that produce by Gardenia: Even though awareness of glycemic index and its correlation to our blood sugar level low glycemic index foods result in slow release of sugar in the blood and is hence diabetic-friendly is still in the infancy and as such, low glycemic products are still considered a niche market, figures show that diabetes in Singapore is unfortunately on the upward trend and this is a group of people whose needs are not sufficiently addressed.

Gardenia realizes that a good promotion is vitally important to create growth for the company. Operating profit was increasing by Gardenia has for many years been at the forefront of producing fresh, tasty and yet nutritious bread.

Its latest product, Gardenia Breakthru, demonstrates its commitment to giving only the very best to their customers. High 5 cares to give you the best in bread, beginning with our Unique European Recipe, so from taste to texture, consumer can tell the difference in every bite.

Gardenia Marketing Plan

Radio is the most common medium used to remind existing customers about Gardenia products while television advertising is usually used to promote new products. Satisfied customer needs will make them rebuy Gardenia product when they are familiar with the product. Demographics Environment Demography is the study of human populations in terms of age, density, gender, location, occupation, race, size and other statistics.

This will encourage them to buy our product. As the market leader in the bread category however, Gardenia is mindful of the fact that many Malaysian depend on us for their daily bread and as such, we have tried to contain the price increase to so as to minimize the impact of the rising inflationary costs amongst our fellow Malaysian.

Gardenia Marketing Plan

The advertisement should contain creative and funny element so it could easily attract more customer. Besides that, Gardenia also has the strength in product innovation, as we can seen that it continuously introducing new product and keep bringing more choices to the customers.

We take our Gardenia Assurance very seriously and consumers of Gardenia products are aware of our commitment to the highest quality, food safety and freshness. High 5 bread is freshly baked everyday from state-of-the-art single largest stand-alone bakery line in ASEAN using a unique European Recipe that makes your favorite bread softer, tastier and healthier.

More specifically, Gardenia even owns a theme song that we familiar heard from the broadcasting of advertisement. Gardenia has four factories which locate at Shah Alam, Subang, Puchong and another one.

While for the reseller market consists of retailer, supermarket Carrefour ; Tescoand convenience stores 7-Eleven and stores at petrol station. It continues increase by Products that are marketed are divided into two, which are consumer products convenience product, shopping product, specialty product and unsought product and industrial products materials and parts, capital items and supplies and services.

According from year tototal expenses had increased by Gardenia Delicia Soft Roll flavors: High 5 Double Cream Roll flavors: Gardenia has produced a lot of kinds of breads such as the latest one-Butterscotch, Breakthru, Delicia, Twiggies and many others.

It uses colorful murals and interactive displays with sound to give lively hands-on experience to visitors. Bhd are customer market and reseller market. It is also certified as Diabetic Friendly which helps to maintain stable blood sugar level that typically follows a meal. By doing so, a better public image of the company can be built.

So, they may possibly buy normal white bread as their daily meal. As the market leader in the bread category however, Gardenia is mindful of the fact that many Malaysian depend on us for their daily bread and as such, we have tried to contain the price increase to so as to minimize the impact of the rising inflationary costs amongst our fellow Malaysian.

The advantage of television advertising is that marketers are able to reach local and national markets. The price of Gardenia breads is low and almost the same as others competitors. As we can seen its product is being sell in whole Malaysia, which is nationwide.

Every relationship takes on additional significance as the sales potential of each customer increase. Television advertising offers the advantages of mass coverage, powerful impact on viewers, repetition of messages, flexibility and prestige.

In addition, Gardenia owns more than delivery vans in Peninsular Malaysia. Superbrands Awards for 3 consecutive terms, Superbrands Malaysia They will maintain their quality through: Therefore, Gardenia should control the expenses of the company to earn more profit for the future years, Increase number of working youth Increasing numbers of working youth in Malaysia cause an increasing demand in convenience for everything for life.

This is because the demographic environment involves people, who play an important role in making up the markets.

Gardenia Breakthru is formulated with beta-glucan that can help to lower cholesterol levels and stabilize blood glucose levels. For example, due to the short-lasting validity of flour, Gardenia prefers to purchase its resources from the local suppliers to ensure that the resources received are fresh.

Gardenia has over 20, outlets throughout Malaysia, excluding Sabah and Sarawak. MARKETING MANAGEMENT MARKETING PLAN: Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Marketing Mix.

Gardenia marketing mix consists of the following approaches to product, pricing, distribution, and promotion. Gardenia prides itself in being the leader in its field by introducing several firsts in the bread industry.

Gardenia is the first in the country to. suggested to formulate a suitable marketing strategies to achieve future plan of actions. Constantin () compared to the standard bakery industries. Further, The leading brands in packaged/industrial bread in Malaysia during were Gardenia and High 5.

Gardenia Bakeries Philippines is currently the market leader in the bread and wheat industry, commanding comfortable shares of 65% and 90%respectively. Its product quality and wide distribution network, coupled by massive advertisement, catapulted the Gardenia into a household name, allowing it to be the top of the mind brand.

Marketing Plan for Gardenia 1. APU ENTREPRENEURIAL MARKETING 2. Gardenia Bakeries (KL) (GBKL) is a subsidiary of a food listed company, QAF Ltd, who also operates Gardenia Singapore, Gardenia Philippines and will soon be opening Gardenia bakery in Fujian, China.

The Gardenia Pedicart is for those who wish to venture in micro-entrepreneurship, marketing fast selling Gardenia bread products primarily house-to-house. With this livelihood program, one can earn at least PP for a half day’s work, and double the income with a.

Full Set of Marketing Plan. Gardenia Marketing then grown to medium-scale and now, the birth of a new trend called the boutique bakery. The bread industry in Malaysia is flourishing very quickly and bread products are gaining much popularity.

Bakeries manufactures the European variety of breads.

Gardenia Marketing Target Strategy

the Gardenia and Stanson Bakeries are.

Marketing plan for gardenia bread industries
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